Construction Vol. 2

This week we’ll show you what's going on on-site at Hotel Mama and take you right into the world of construction. Plenty of calories are burned here every day, like coal in a steamboat. Perspiration beads on each forehead and dust is in the air. The shell is making good progress, electricity and water pipes have been laid throughout the house. All involved are doing their utmost to ensure that the new Hotel Mama is complete on schedule in early December.


Mama is getting bigger! We will enlarge our hotel to the west, in the direction of the Gornergrat Bahn. The sun is blazing and the foundation is poured in, then it starts, firstly the floor, then walls and finally the next floor are concreted so that we can realize one suite with Matterhorn view on each floor. Furthermore, parts of the façade and ledges at various locations must be separated with a large, water-cooled circular saw from Hilti. Rarely has Mama seen such a sophisticated system, but noise is still a big problem on construction sites. Jackhammers, circular saws, sharpening machines, excavators and drills all contribute to increased noise levels. Not only for workers directly exposed to noise, but also for residents and neighboring hotels. With additional boards and covers large emissions are held back so that our neighbors can spend a pleasant summer. Only in the months of May and October are truck and helicopter transport permitted in the village, in order that our beautiful village image is not permanently disturbed by building. All building transport is done by electric vehicles during the months in between.