A big, warm
from Mama!

Welcome to the heart of Zermatt. Where right now and before your very eyes, Hotel Admiral is undergoing the spectacular transformation from which Hotel Mama Zermatt will emerge! With 29 new rooms - perfect for individualists, explorers and mountain lovers. Set against a chocolate box Swiss village, approved by Mama Mariette herself. ‚That’s alright, Mama‘ sung the King, and Elvis knew what he was talking about!


The mountain village
and the Horn.

A mountain village with a cult character, Zermatt has always been a meeting place for discerning holidaymakers from near and far. Don’t just take a picture of the Matterhorn, experience the sights, sounds and surroundings of the most famous peak in the world, step away from the mainstream, step into Zermatt.

Mama‘s Mission

Why Hotel Mama?

Hostess Sandrine and the Mama Family share the idea behind it.